Jumping Team Belgium - Tryon 2018
Jumping Team Belgium - Tryon 2018
Jumping Team Belgium - Tryon 2018

This months' excitement starts to reach its peak. It was definitely a though and exciting but also very successful month so far for Nicola. The World Equestrian Games are held from September 11th to September 23rd.  For Nicola and H&M Chilli Willi it all starts this Wednesday…

H&M Chilli Willi already arrived save in Tryon last week. Nicola, on the other hand was riding the best out of him only two days ago at the Belgian Championships (well enough for a 5th place) but landed in North-Carolina in the meantime. 

It’s Nicola’s first time at the World Championships,  “I have a good horse, we have a good team, so anything can happen.”, states Nicola. “It’s very important to stay focused and work every single day for the best results.”.

They worked really hard towards this week, so let’s hope hard work pays off.
Off course, we’ll keep you updated, but you can always watch live right here.

11/09 - 23/09/2018

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