Take a glimpse into the lives of Ludo, Nicola, and Anthony. They share their plans and dreams for the coming months.

Ludo, a father with Olympic experience and dreams for his sons
In an open-hearted conversation, Ludo, the patriarch of the family, shares his memories of the times he himself shone at the Olympic Games. "I still get goosebumps when I think back to the Olympic Games," Ludo says with a look of pride and nostalgia. He participated in the Olympic Games himself no less than 4 times! As he reflects on his own glorious years, he also speaks with hope for the future of his sons, Nicola and Olivier. The dream? That one of them, or perhaps both, will represent Belgium at the Olympic Games in Paris in a few months. https://youtu.be/fsTYa4Tzh-0

Nicola, sparkling with hope for the Paris Games
Nicola takes us on his journey through America, where he has started the year successfully. With his gaze firmly on the rest of the season, he shares his ambitious plans and the hope he cherishes for his horse, Katanga van het Dingeshof. "Katanga has been doing well for 2 years now, let's hope she can keep up this form until the Olympic Games." The Games in Paris form a shimmering horizon for Nicola, a goal every rider dreams of. https://youtu.be/uCBH9FGqi2I

Anthony’s eagerness to learn
Anthony rounds off the series with a look back at the start of his year in Oliva. He talks about the passion for the sport that runs in the family. With loads of energy and eager for a new season, Anthony shares his vision and ambitions for what will undoubtedly be another educational and sporty year. https://youtu.be/rYjx9ypMSjM