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Nicola Philippaerts and H&M Chilli Willi won’t compete at the European Championships in Rotterdam next month. H&M Chilli Willi has a small injury, and therefore they cancel their plans for the European Championships. Nicola already informed the coach even before the list of riders had been announced. This is a bummer for both Nicola and H&M Chilli Willi as they were really looking forward to the championships.

 The selection for the European Championships will be announced on Thursday morning.  Nicola and Chilli Willi won’t be part of the selections. “A check up after the Longines Global Champions Tour in Chantilly showed that Chilli Willi has a small injury”, says Nicola. “Ofcourse I’m very disappointed, but there is no choice. Chilli Willi and I make a great team. His wellbeing is more important than my ambitions. I immediately informed the federation and coach  so that they could anticipate. Chilli Willi gets the time he needs to recover and will jump again as soon as he is ready for it.”.