In this continuously developing world, it begins to be crucial to participate in these changes and to use there where possible. So, from now on, we will try to use social media and our website to connect us better with everyone who shares our passion: horses. This could be in a thousand different ways, those who love riding horses, those who like taking care of them, those who enjoy being with these lovely animals,… Therefore we are thrilled to launch our new name, logo, website and corresponding outfits that go hand in hand with a new way of communicating.

With these changes, we want to make sure to share our ever growing love and passion for horses with you. We will not only share our planning, news and results, but also a look behind the scenes, the way we act as a family, tips and tricks and so on.

Furthermore, we will share our horses and their story with you, because we might have this horse that is of important value to change your life, the way Darco did for our family.