We live horses

Horses, family, Philippaerts.
This is where our hearts lie. It’s our essence.

Talent and passion have thrived for decades in and around our family stables in the countryside of the Meeuwen-Gruitrode region.

Our horses deserve—and receive—the best, most loving and attentive care. We train together, and together we have jumped our way to the top.

Devoted, ambitious, tireless.

Mastery in and out of the arena

Ludo, Veronique and Darco

Ludo inherited his passion for horses from his father. And passed it on to his sons.

He unleashed true mastery in the saddle of the legendary Darco. Mastery that has seen our family company flourish from its early beginnings through to the current day.

Enchantment drives Ludo and Veronique. As a strong woman, mother and dressage rider, Veronique has played a part in all our successes. In and out of the arena.

This shared love of people and animals has brought our family together like no other.

“I grew up with Darco. He will be part of me my whole life.”

Ludo Philippaerts

Admirable horses

Philippaerts stands out as a symbol of quality for horses. Athletic show-stoppers from the middle and top classes. Stunners with which our family members have shone at major competitions. Noble animals that have been honoured on the international stage.

We have an eye for horses with potential. We train and care for them as top-level athletes. This is exactly what they are.

We treasure our competition partners. Some even stay in our stables throughout their entire careers. Their reward? A lifetime of love, with dignity in their retirement. Close to us, on the family domain.

Unforgettable performances

Competition is in our DNA. Accomplishments fill our prize cabinets and our photo albums.

All our victories and honourable finishes have a place in our hearts. And most especially, the horses who helped us achieve them. From Mechelen and Spruce Meadows to the Olympic Games.

The young guard in the saddle

In 2015, Ludo waved goodbye to the competitive arena as a jumping rider. But not without ensuring his succession. Our twins, Nicola and Olivier, have done the family proud with excellent performances at prestigious competitions.

And even our youngest sons, Anthony and Thibault, are following in the footsteps of their father and brothers.

Together, we aim for quality. As riders, traders and family members. Because: horses are our love and life.