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Completing a tale of family pride

May 2016: Anthony, the youngest of the Philippaerts dynasty, wins two medals at the Belgian Championships in Neeroeteren. And he does it in a single day! It’s a major milestone for the family, and according to Ludo, ‘a dream come true.’ There’s no doubting this: his four sons are winning prizes in equestrian sports at the same time.

By chance, it’s also Mother’s Day. Mother, Veronique, who has been accompanying the boys to tournaments for years, is watching from the sidelines and also sees her son Thibault take a place on the podium. Anthony’s reaction for the press is glowing with family pride: ‘Working with my brother to give my mother three medals for Mother’s Day ... That’s truly something special!’

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A resolute rider

Anthony followed in the footsteps of his brothers: he pulled himself into the saddle at the Landelijke Rijvereniging (the national association for horse riders in Belgium). His idols? Nicola and Olivier. And many footballers too: goalkeeping is Anthony’s second love. Still, after his powerful performance at the international jumping competitions, he resolutely opts for horses.

In 2016, the youngest Philippaerts makes the move from ponies to horses. At the Belgian Championships, he finds himself in the winners’ circle with two horses: Roberlina for a bronze and silver with Esprit van de Wellington.

In 2017, with help from Goofy van ’t Laerhof, Anthony proves himself once again at the Belgian Championships (bronze) and scores the silver medal at the European Team Championships in Samorin, Slovakia.

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