You can now enjoy the best training for your horses on our beautiful grass arena so you can prepare yourself like a pro!

It promises to be a dynamic training, both in height and jumps, as we have two different courses to offer in one arena.  The height is set on 1.10M/1.15M and 1.20M/1.25M, but you can build it up to 1.30M/1.35M if you’d like to.

The training days are held weekly on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Needless to say that we wish to keep our grass arena in excellent condition, so good weather circumstances are required for the training sessions to happen.  

Are you interested? Don’t hesitate and try it out. Registrations can be made by sending an email to info [at] Please don’t forget to add the following information:

  • Preferred date
  • Morning of afternoon
  • Number of horses
  • Number of riders

We’ll give you a timeslot, to make sure that everyone can train in optimal conditions. 

The fee is 25€ (excl. VAT) per horse. You can choose how many rounds you jump within your time slot.

For more information we are available on: +32 89 85 35 79 or +32 472 74 15 69