Onze prachtige graspiste

Everyone with a passion for jumping will agree. This year we are missing out on a lot of opportunities for our young horses to optimally learn and evolve. To compensate for this loss we are organizing multiple training days in a unique setting.

These training days are meant for 5 to 7 years old horses. There are 3 jumping courses (110/115 - 120/125 - 130/135) not limited to the horses age. Riders can register their horse(s) for their preferred height, with a maximum of 1 course per horse per day.

The current corona measures dictate outdoor training events of maximum 20 contestants. Therefore, until further notice, we shall accept a maximum of 8 riders in the morning, each with a maximum of 1 additional person. The same principle applies to the afternoon registrations.

At present we make our unique grass arena available for you each Wednesday and Friday. As soon as the corona measures change, we will adjust our trainings regime to, for example, 1 day per week with more registration slots. We shall inform you as soon as possible on any changes.

Of course we wish to keep our grass arena in excellent condition and therefor these trainings shall only take place in good weather.

Our first (limited) training days are on the 27th and the 29th of May, and shall afterwards be repeated weekly on Wednesday and Friday. You can enroll by mailing to info [at] philippaerts.be .

Registration is open each week from Wednesday 8h00 until Thursday 17h00 for the upcoming week. If all slots are filled, we shall contact you to reschedule your registration for one of the following weeks.

Registration by mail should contain the following details:

Name rider

Name horse(s)

Pedigree (FxMxFFM)

Chip number

Preferred date and moment (morning or afternoon)


Attach: a copy of the horse's papers

The registration fee is 25€ per course.