Ophelia van Dorperheide
Extase Ste Hermelle


Aqaba de Leau
Lucky Luke de Goedereede
Lucky Luke de Goedereede


VDL Groep Elexia
VDL Groep Elexia


New owner of Karoline of Ballmore
Karoline of Ballmore


Juvente van de Kakebeek
Juvente van de Kakebeek


Nice van 't Zorgvliet


Thibault Philippaerts met Glassgo du Beaupré op Jumping Mechelen 2019
Glassgo du Beaupré


Je Maintiendrai




Noortje van het Houterhof


Carlotta 276 en Stijn Timmerman
Carlotta 276


Northern Comme Plot


Harley van de Bisschop


D. Cancarra A.C.


Jiva van ’t Broekend

“We were excited to add a talented mare like Jiva to our barn in 2017. The Philippaerts developed a really high quality mare and we’re looking forward to her continued progress in 2018.”

Beezie Madden

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2 / 2

“Isabeau is pure joy and happiness. She wants to follow in her father's footsteps in the top sport. Just like him, she has a lot of willpower. She still needs a lot of miles across the world to gain experience at the shows to grow.”

Luciana Diniz


“Carisma was and will always be one of the most talented sport horses I had the pleasure of riding. She was an exceptional animal. It is horses like her that inspire me to do this sport. It was a privilege to have ridden her.”

Danielle Goldstein

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Gitania VG

“On October 2016, I chose Gitania VG from the stable of Ludo philippaerts for the 2017 National Games of China. After she arrived in China, we took half a year to get know each other. After that, we achieved our gold medal for the team competition at the National Games. I am very happy with the result. Gitania is a brave and competitive horse with great scope. I believe in the future we could achieve more good results.”

Zhenqiang Lee
Ruiter voor de Beijing Olympic Games, 2008. Stichter en eigenaar van Camelot riding resort, China. Ruiter voor het proviciale team van Kanton. 

Winningmood v/d Arenberg

“Winningmood is a very powerful stallion, a light being and the biggest master I have ever had in my life. I love him!”

Luciana Diniz

H&M All In De Vinck

“When All In came in to the stable he made me put my goals so much higher and achieve them.”

Peder Fredricson

Individuele zilveren medaille Olympische Spelen Rio De Janeiro 2016, Gouden medaille Europees Kampioenschap individueel in Göteborg 2017 en zilveren medaille met het team.