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2024, a promising year that we enter full of passion. While we look ahead to what the coming months have in store, we can't help but take a moment to reflect on the unforgettable moments that 2023 brought us. The past year was one of growth, triumph, and, of course, many valuable lessons.

2023 held several highlights for Nicola, but winning the Grand Prix in La Baule naturally tops the list. Nicola's biggest goal for 2024? "To participate in the Olympic Games in Paris with Katanga, of course," says Nicola with determination. "We have some points for the World Cup finals, so hopefully, we can place for the finals." Luckily, we can count on some fantastic partners as well. "Thanks to KASK, a fantastic helmet, we can ride all year around feeling safe."

We are also looking forward to a new season of the Longines Global Champions Tour and League. "In 2024, thanks to H&M We Live Horses, we will once again form a fantastic team and aim for that top three," adds Olivier. "The Longines Global Champions Tour itself already brought me a lot of beautiful memories last year, but winning the silver medal in the Grand Prix of London with H&M Miro was truly magical."

Especially Thibault enjoyed a fantastic year. Just when he thought it couldn't get much better after his victory in the U25 GP in Aachen and his second-place finish between World Champion Henrick von Eckermann and Olympic Champion Ben Maher in the World Cup qualification in Madrid, he took it up a notch at Jumping Mechelen. "Ever since I was a child, I have been looking forward to Jumping Mechelen every year. Last year I had a special edition. Both of my horses jumped good results all week long, and nearly placed in every class except for the World Cup. And, I won my first 5-star class. In 2024, I also want to give my young horses more experience and keep them healthy and happy. As usual, I will start in Oliva as preparation for a new, challenging season."

Anthony is also starting his year in Oliva and has set some great goals. "This year, I'm putting my main focus on improving my skills as a rider and developing further, sticking with Emile Hendrix for training. I've got a good mix of horses, some younger ones and others ready for bigger classes." Like Thibault, Oliva is the foundation for him to create a detailed plan for the rest of the year. "I have certain shows in mind that I'm aiming for, aligning with my ongoing goals for both myself and my team of horses. Fortunately, I can take all these steps thanks to the support of fantastic partners who provide us with the right equipment. Our horses perform well and wear the best leather on the market, thanks to CWD."

"The importance of all the results on the shows is for sure all the time and hard work we put in our horses at home. All the people at home involved with the horses are very important, from grooms to veterinarians, and many other fantastic people who make all of this possible," Thibault would like to emphasize.

And as for a father, well, Ludo couldn't be more proud at the moment. "The most beautiful moment of 2023 is day 1 of Jumping Mechelen," Ludo smiles. What more can a man hope for in 2024? "That all riders and horses stay healthy. Of course, the Olympic Games are approaching, and it would be fantastic to see Nicola and Olivier there together, but so much can happen. It's always a question mark." For himself, he doesn't aim for high-level performance, "I just want to have fun."